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U6 & U8

Our U6 & U8 teams practice once a week and play games on the weekend. U6 teams are coed and the U8 teams are separated by gender. The objective of this league is for the kids to have FUN while learning the fundamental and technical skills of the game of soccer. Scores for games are not kept and focus is on having fun, not the outcome of the game.

U6 practices once a week for 45 minutes.
U8 practices once a week for an hour.
Practice locations and nights will determined at the start of each season

Ball Size
Play with size 3 ball.

U6 3 v 3 (no goalie)

U8 6 v 6 (goalie included)

Game Length
U6 four 10 minute quarters
U8 four 10 minute quarters

Playing Time
Equal playing time is provided for each player. Players will rotate between positions to learn each position.

Heading the ball is not permitted at this age level.

Coaches will act as referees on the field and provide on field instructions to players for U6 and U8.

Goal Kicks
Goal kicks are awarded when the attacking team kicks the ball over the end line. For every goal kick the defending team MUST retreat to their own half of the field to allow the other team to bring the ball in in accordance with fair play.

No penalty kicks or off sides will be called. Unintentional penalties will be called with the discretion of the coaches.

Throw Ins
U6 – will introduced through the course of the season. Players are given the opportunity to kick the ball in from the spot the ball went out of bounds if they are struggling with throwing it in.
U8 – will be performed each time the ball is played over the sideline. Players should be given multiple chances to perform the throw correctly.

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